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'Clock' Review: Dianna Agron Has a Problematic Pre-natal Experience in a Frightening Psychological Thriller

"Writer-director Alexis Jacknow amps up the anxiety by blending science and religion into paranoia-soaked mayhem, conjuring resonant emotion and haunting menace in this psychological horror film..."


"Like a taut, “Rosemary’s Baby”-inspired “Black Mirror” episode, the film’s defiant sentiment that society should stop pressuring women to procreate is bold, brutal and bloodier than a pregnant woman’s bloody show."

"Jacknow’s genuinely disturbing imagery crawls under our skin, lingering long after the tense, bleak finale..."


'Clock' Review: Hulu's Hormonal Horror Movie

"A full blown nightmare hellscape...."


"Writer-director Alexis Jacknow creates an atmostphere both cool and chilling around Ella, who really is a woman alone..."

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LA Times

Review: The Natural Horror of the Biological 'Clock'

"...ends strongly with a succession of unforgettable scenes of gruesome body horror.."


"...a vivid and visceral explication of one woman’s fears."


'Clock' Ticks Amid Terrors of Coerced Motherhood

"Among American offerings, Clock might be the first film that manages to feel genuinely engaged with the discussions women are having about the prospect of bearing a child...."


"A fantastically frenetic performance from Dianna Agron, a truly chilling central entity and interrogations of Jewish heritage elevate Clock (and the potential of further monstrous motherhood stories) above otherwise lackluster competition stateside."

"Jacknow’s Jewish perspective is an enormous boon to the narrative, providing a distinct conflict that hasn’t been addressed in similar horror offerings..."

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Movie Review: Dianna Agron is Terrified of Her Biological 'Clock'

"I’m not a huge horror buff, fan or aficionado. But when I sit down to watch one I do like for it to be smart. 'Clock' is a childbirth/”biological clock” thriller that has modern medicine playing God, The Holocaust and Human Evolution itself as its subtexts. Smart? Writer-director Alexis Jacknow’s debut feature borders on brilliant."


"...Jacknow’s lean script and focused direction build the mood, so that when this “Let’s get you pregnant” picture turns dark, we’re braced for it."

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